7 Easiest Illnesses to Fake or Ways to Get Disability Benefits

Have you taken a few days off recently? Didn’t it feel just like a dream? It would be great if it could last forever. Not going to work and getting paid in the meanwhile. Actually, it’s possible with  7 easiest illnesses to fake or ways to get disability benefits!

Before we give away what medical conditions qualify for disability, you should bear in mind this is no mean feat. If you’re striving to fake one of medical conditions for disability approval, you have to be well prepared. Whichever condition you pick from Insider Monkey’s list, it requires some thorough preparation. Luckily, you needn’t hurt yourself in any way to pretend you have one of the illnesses. It’s more about acting and pretending than anything else. However, that doesn’t just imply lying to the doctor. Your obligation is to do some deep research on the topic so as not to get caught. Your preparation might take more than a day or two, but it will definitely be worth it.

After all, it’s not fair that you shouldn’t be able to dedicate your time to what really interests you, instead of doing the same mundane operations day after day. Life is supposed to be about being happy and fulfilled, not persuading oneself to get out of bed every morning. After all, you’d definitely be more valuable and useful to your family, and the whole community if you only had some free time for yourself!

There is age restriction for one of the diseases, but as for the rest, they’re perfectly suitable to all ages and both sexes. Intrigued? Take a peak at  7 easiest illnesses to fake or ways to get disability benefits if you’re at work, and study the list more carefully at home.

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