10 Most Controversial Songs of 2018

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, and no one gets shocked and appalled by any songs, here’s an article about 10 most controversial songs of 2018. Indeed, even in this year there are songs that are stirring some controversy, or even worse. Certain songs from the list are banned for good!

Freedom of speech is one of the basic human rights, and the freedom to sing is its equivalent. Everyone should be able to express their feelings. Why should it be forbidden to speak your mind openly? What is more, lyrics are a form of art. Banning them mostly means the government has a different taste in music than its citizens. Interestingly enough, the discrepancy wouldn’t exist if those controversial songs didn’t actually appeal to people! No one would pay attention to them if the songs couldn’t find their way to the audience and their hearts or minds. Obviously, they are worth listening to and their debatable value is widely recognized.

What could the reasons be for causing public outrage, or the feeling of awkwardness? Well, for starters, in certain countries you can’t advertise brands in your song. “Versace on the Floor” would never make it to the charts. Then, there are the homophobic lyrics and due apologies. Using the F-word a lot can still make people cringe. Most importantly, some songs are banned because they are considered to be a part of terrorist propaganda. Talk about different interpretations…

On the other hand, there are more light-hearted moments, when the song is simply leaving you a bit confused. Did he just sing to that boy how he’s going to make him a sibling? Those are supposed to be sexy lyrics.

The best thing is to go to 10 most controversial songs of 2018play the song video, and see for yourself if the lyrics really are that disturbing.


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