15 Funny Debate Topics for College Students

If you’re having a bad day, it’s murky, cloudy and cold, and you’re wondering why you had to get up in the first place, this article will easily put a smile on your face. Because you’re bound to grin once you take a  look at 15 Funny Debate Topics for College Students

Debates don’t always have to be serious and boring. Anyone can join and enjoy funny discussion topics, at college debates or in real life. Seriously, some of these are excellent conversation starters. Having a bit of laughter (or even better, bursting out with laughter) is good for everyone’s health and well-being. Still not persuaded? Well, discussing topics such as “What are the advantages of being a man over a woman?” will definitely make you popular around the campus. If you perform very well, you might even be quoted among students. And we all know popularity opens a lot of doors.

Therefore, get ready to smirk, smile and think hard about 15 Funny Debate Topics for College Students!



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