15 Good Debate Topics for Kids

You wish for your child to be more eloquent, and be better at presenting arguments? Or maybe you’re a teacher who’s currently run out of fine ideas for a debate club? Just for you, here are 15 good debate topics for kids!

Why is debating such an important activity that we are always looking for fun, interesting and age appropriate-topics? First of all, this is how future presidents are shaped. You have to possess great oratorical skills in order to be able to present your ideas clearly and assertively. Also, if you are proficient at debating, you’ll be proficient at supporting your arguments and defending from any verbal attacks. Good negotiating skills are also what is highly appreciated in the business world. Sometimes it’s not about the facts and figures, but it all comes down to the proper presentation. Providing you have participated in school debates regularly, that should be a piece of cake. Therefore, debating for primary students isn’t just another school club fun activity. It’s the first step in shaping future world leaders.

The good thing about these good topics in particular is that they are child appropriate. That means they’re fun, entertaining, and concern topics children actually have strong opinions about. Most of them are light hearted debate topics, but there are a few that require some serious thinking and they’re more suitable for higher grades. Technology and high-tech themes will also be mentioned, but once again, on a level that is convenient for young students. Actually, considering the today’s generations, they can probably teach their parents a thing or two.

With that being said, go ahead and check 15 good debate topics for kidsIf you wish, you can also use them to chat with your friends and have a friendly quarrel. Just don’t let it go too far!


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