15 Most Respected Jobs in America in 2017

Are you wondering what values and virtues the United States as a nation has the most respect for in the year 2017? Well look no further than this article on the 15 most respected jobs in American in 2017 by Insider Monkey, which certainly answered all my questions. You might be asking yourself why I was talking about values, while this piece of writing refers to professions. Well, the jobs that a nation admires give a clear-cut indication of what values its citizens hold close to heart.

Among the most respected jobs in America, you will find professions such as firefighters, doctors, nurses among others (I don’t want to give away too much!), which shows that a job that aids fellow human beings in some way or the other, or assists in making society a better place, is a job that America respects. But are the most respected jobs necessarily the best jobs? Well, that is another aspect that Insider Monkey’s article explores. The “best” jobs will always be ranked differently in every list you lay your hands on. If you rank esteem as the only criterion to find a job, then the most respected jobs in America might as well be the best jobs for you! But obviously, no one’s going to ignore salary and job satisfaction entirely merely for a little respect. Or maybe, that’s just me? Either way, I think it was quite interesting to know what jobs America continues to honor in the year 2017 and how the ranking differed from previous years.

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