Airbus Group NV (AIR) Helps Aerion Corp. To Introduce A Supersonic Business Jet Until 2021

According to recent news, Aerion Corp. and Airbus Group NV (EPA:AIR) will work together to develop a Supersonic Business Jet, namely AS2. Robert Bass’s Aerion Corp. started its Supersonic Business Jet project in 2002. CEO of Aerion Corp. in a telephone interview with Bloomberg said that:

“We see no technical show stoppers …, The collaboration with Airbus was an essential piece in order to bring the expertise of a premier aircraft development concern into the fold.”

According to Aerion Corp. press release on September 22,2014, the company has achieved an agreement with Airbus Group NV (EPA:AIR) for exchange of two companies’ knowledge and capabilities related to high-performance flights.

Airbus Group NV (AIR)

Robert M. Bass. Aerion Corp.’s chairman and principal investor said that,

 “This is a major step forward for Aerion …, It puts us solidly on track toward our objective of certifying the world’s first supersonic business jet in 2021. Needless to say, we are thrilled with the resources Airbus Group will bring to the program.”

With this agreement Defence and Space Division of Airbus Group NV (EPA:AIR) will support Aerion’s organization in technical issues. Airbus Group NV (EPA:AIR) will also assign engineering staff to contribute the development of the jet.

Aerion previously worked with NASA and got successfull results related to supersonic laminar flow airfoils.AS2 jet will have a range of higher than 5,450 miles and capacity of 12 passengers, its speed will be between Mach 1.4 and 1.6. Aerion is planning to produce 600 jets in over 20 years and the price of the jet will be higher than $100 million.

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