Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA) Aliyun OS to Seriously Challenge Google Inc (GOOGL)Android in China

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE:BABA)

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd(NYSE:BABA), the world’s most valuable online retailer has been trying to penetrate the Chinese market with its Aliyun OS. This is however a real feat as the most dominantly used mobile OS is Android OS developed by Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL).

The Chinese market represents the world’s largest in terms of mobile users. That means it’s a good target for any company that intends to control a big chunk of the market. With about one billion users, the market is a must for a company that intends to have a global impact. Currently, Android OS leads the stable with a ratio of 10:1 in terms of mobile installations.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE:BABA)

Now that Alibaba Group Holding Ltd(NYSE:BABA) is seriously looking to challenge Android OS in China, the online retailer has to device a more effective approach to best Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL).

The use of Aliyun OS in China has been growing. The company had set out a plan to have more smartphone makers to use the OS as the base software of their gadgets. The number has since risen from two, Haier Electronics and Beijing Tianyu, at the beginning of the year to five.

“We want to be as strong as Android in China,” Alibaba Chief Strategy Officer Zeng Ming had earlier said on the sidelines of a conference. “We have quite a few new handset partners lined up.”

The company will be looking at taking advantage of the growing feeling among the Chinese authorities that the countries mobile devices overly rely on Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Android OS.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd(NYSE:BABA) is currently has a value of $266 billion and a lot of cash at its disposal after the successful IPO. If the company wants to expand its control of the mobile OS market, the company will have to spend some money on a smartphone manufacturer to have quality gadgets coming into the market with its operating system.

A research firm Canalys, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd(NYSE:BABA) should target some of China’s biggest smartphone manufacturers such as Xiaomi Corp.The company could also invest on a smaller company that has a stable flow of gadgets at invest on it so that Aluyon can be installed at the factory floor.

This article has been written by Victor Ochieng

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