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Top 10 Technology Billionaires

Top 10 Technology Billionaires

Only Developed Economies in the world are not the ones with raising young tech billionaires. Various developing countries such as Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa are also having many and wealthy individuals. There are many popular names in this list from India including Flipkart’s founder Binny Bansal; founder of ride-sharing company Ola

top 10 cloud companies

Top 10 Cloud Companies

Which are some of the largest cloud computing firms in the world at present? All during the pandemic in 2020, cloud remained the buzz word. The increasing popularity of the latest technology has urged IBM actually to split its activities of the business to get a split-off firm to concentrate entirely on the cloud. This

Biggest Data Center Companies In The World

The way of conducting business is totally changed due to Coronavirus. Data Centers are helpful in transforming online businesses and digital commerce providing digital infrastructure a key role in business growth and operation. So, what exactly is Data Centers? The Data Centers is the centralized facility that usually houses routers, storage systems, security devices, servers,

Top 10 Stocks Holdings Of Larry Robbin

Top 10 Stocks Holdings Of Larry Robbin

The 51 years old Billionaire Larry Robbins witnessed tough times at his firm, popularly known as Glenview Capital Management. At times, he had to struggle hard for business. He is among those hedge fund planners who stressed on the need that drastic changes are required to upgrade the US healthcare system. The reputation of Larry

Twitter Inc (TWTR) Explores Advertisement Opportunities Outside Its Social Network, Partners With Flipboard And YAHOO JAPAN CORP (YAHOY)

The shares of micro-blogging site, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), jumped in excess of 6 percent after the social network announced partnership with Flipboard and YAHOO JAPAN CORP (OTCMKTS:YAHOY) for a new advertisement initiative. The micro-blogging site would display its adverts on the mobile apps of partner companies. Twitter has struggled recently with its revenue streams and this

Intel Corporation (INTC) Boosts ‘Internet of Things’ Business, Acquires Lantiq

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) is positioning itself in ‘Internet of Things’ and has agreed to buy Lantiq, a German firm specializing in home networking technologies and broadband access. Lantiq was previously under Infineon, and was bought in 2009 for about $400 million by Golden Gate Capital, a San Francisco, California-based private equity firm. Deutsche Telekom are