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10 New Trending Business Ideas for Beginners

For all of you who aren’t really experts on business and finance, 10 new trending business ideas for beginners is a great article offering exactly what you need. Trendy, simple and profitable ventures that will make a successful entrepreneur out of you! Being independent is great. You’re your own boss. That means you can knock off

17 Most Profitable Franchises to Buy in 2018

The new year and new opportunities to get rich, and what better way is there than getting one of 17 most profitable franchises to buy in 2018? Franchising business is a topic that Insider Monkey keeps coming back to due to its undying popularity. Every year there are fresh, new franchises arising from successful businesses. Obviously, they

18 Companies That Accept Cryptocurrencies for Payment in 2018

What if we told you it’s perfectly legitimate now to buy a whole building with crytocurrencies? Now that we have your attention, let’s talk more about Insider Monkey’s 18 companies that accept cryptocurrencies for payment in 2018. Let’s face it, even your grandma has heard of bitcoin, and your old neighbors are discussing investing into

14 Professions with the Highest Drug Abuse Rates

So, you thought only celebrities do drugs? Or you’ve heard doctors are easily susceptible, working at the source? Er, wrong! Insider Monkey’s list of 14 professions with the highest drug abuse rates is full of surprises. Why should you read Insider Monkey’s article when there are so many others out there? The main reason would be

15 Easiest Minimum Wage Jobs with Low Stress

While everyone else is interested in low stress jobs that pay well, you’re looking for 15 easiest minimum wage jobs with low stress. Curious. Obviously, you’re aware that the higher the salary, the greater the responsibility and all stress that goes with it. Few people manage to have high salaries and still feel stress-free (or at least claim to

16 Good Side Hustles to Make Extra Money

16 good side hustles to make extra money will keep your money flowing without you even noticing you took some extra activity. How can I make a lot of money fast without getting my hands dirty (metaphorically speaking)? It won’t be as difficult as you presume. With these hustles, you’ll be earning enough to plan that holiday

13 Most Profitable Small Businesses

If you type most profitable small businesses into your search engine, you will pretty soon realize most websites are simply sharing the same information on small business profits based only on the net profit margin. Well, some other factors come into play in Insider Monkey’s list of most profitable small businesses. “What should I start my own business

10 Most Profitable Businesses You Could Start With Little Money

How to start a business without money? How to start a business online? How to start a business at home? Insider Monkey’s article on 10 most profitable businesses you could start with little money has the answer to all these questions. Even though it isn’t the most important thing in the world, money makes the