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Top 10 Best Global Quant Funds

Top 10 Best Global Quant Funds

Top 10 Best Global Quant Funds

Quant Funds stand for Quantitative Funds and these funds are evaluated through strategy softwares instead of human participation. During 2020, the funds which sustained the emerging trends in the stock market due to the pandemic outbreak were those which have not been picked through the strategy softwares. These funds were selected through human intelligence, based

Best Blue-Chip Dividend Stocks to Buy in 2021

For complete one year, we faced irreparable loss due to the coronavirus pandemic. It created a wave of uncertainty around the globe. We wasted a full 1 year to this pandemic, which caused irreparable damage to the global economies. It will take a few years to bring all the things to pre-coronavirus level. Analysts claim

Cheapest Ecommerce Stores in the US

For various people, shopping is a hobby and a source of enjoyment to get relaxed from daily chores of life. As per a survey by NetCom Suisse eCommerce Association and UNCTAD, online buying has increased by 6 to 10 percent through all the product categories. The survey was conducted in collaboration with Inveon and Brazilian

top 10 cloud companies

Top 10 Cloud Companies

Which are some of the largest cloud computing firms in the world at present? All during the pandemic in 2020, cloud remained the buzz word. The increasing popularity of the latest technology has urged IBM actually to split its activities of the business to get a split-off firm to concentrate entirely on the cloud. This

Best Magic Formula Stocks For 2021

Best Magic Formula Stocks For 2021

For learning about the best magic formula stocks, first, we need to learn what is magic formula stocks. The definition of magic formula stocks is given by Insider Monkey as: “Greenblatt revealed his famous magic formula investing strategy in his bestselling book titled “The Little Book That Beats The Market,” Greenblatt argued that stocks that

Top 5 MLP and Pipeline Stocks In 2021

Top 5 MLP and Pipeline Stocks In 2021

Being an investor if you are struggling for avoiding paying double tax along with gaining huge income, then think about adding MLP stocks to your stock portfolio. This investment has a low value of risk attached to it, because this industry is slow-growing, such as pipeline construction. This industry usually earns an income of a

Top 10 Shopping Malls In The US

Currently, shopping malls across the US are contributing positively towards the US state and federal governments. With the advent of advanced retail shopping, the economy witnessed a boom, and it created several job opportunities as well as business competition, resulting in benefit for the consumers. The first ever shopping mall opened in Edina City of

Stock Picks From Billionaire Barry Rosenstein's Stock Portfolio

Stock Picks From Billionaire Barry Rosenstein’s Stock Portfolio

The investment firm of Billionaire Barry Rosenstein wants to maintain long-run positions in different companies rather than short-term bets. In its top 10 positions, the average time held by the investment firm is approximately 6.5 quarters. In the year 2019, an impressive level of gains is generated by the Jana Strategic Investment fund, i.e. 52%.

10 New Trending Business Ideas for Beginners

For all of you who aren’t really experts on business and finance, 10 new trending business ideas for beginners is a great article offering exactly what you need. Trendy, simple and profitable ventures that will make a successful entrepreneur out of you! Being independent is great. You’re your own boss. That means you can knock off