Crescent Bay Headset by Oculus VR Delivers Wonders in Virtual Reality

Oculus VR recently announced its prototype VR headset called Crescent Bay, which delivers the best in virtual reality. VR headsets are meant to trick your mind into believing that you are exploring a virtual world. The brainchild company recently held its first ever developer conference that brought in different industry players. Oculus VR revealed that the new prototype offers much more than was achievable with its predecessor, saying that it’s a flagship that delivers immersive virtual world experiences.

Crescent Bay, coming after DK2 headset and Crystal Cove, has got optional high definition audio headphones and has 360-degree head movement tracker. As the user turns his head, the VR delivers amazing scenes that would make one have the illusion that they are actually in another world all together. Those who tried the original prototypes often complained that they would feel queasy, but such have been improved in the latest release, though not perfectly. The hardware has also been improved in terms of weight and ergonomics to provide users with better experience.

With regards to the experience, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe said:

“You should believe you’re there and feel great, even if you’re super-sensitive like me.”

Iribe told the conference that the original Oculus Rift headset, which was unveiled in 2012 has been appraised by many video and game makers. With their development kits already selling to 130 countries, the new VR is expected to open new realms in virtual word exploration.

Oculus VR further revealed that the prototype is still at the development stage and the consumer version isn’t available yet. Apart from the Gear VR mobile headset announced by Oculus and Samsung earlier, Iribe said that the desktop VR will only complement mobile VR and not become a competitor.

This article has been written by victor Ochieng.

Note: Company name has been corrected.

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