Facebook Inc (FB)’s Goldmine Is ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Reality or Myth?

Off late, it is the ALS Ice Bucket challenge that has enjoyed maximum viewership amongst Internet surfers and one of platforms that has facilitated its viewership the world over is none other than Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). So while the challenge has been successful in raising as much as $100 million for researching a medical condition, for Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) it has meant plenty of publicity, traffic and earnings.

In this challenge, a bucket of ice-water is dumped on a person’s head so as to create awareness of a particular disease and encourage sponsorships towards its research. This trend became a major fad during the months of July and August in 2014 and many such videos were shared on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). The revenue is calculated by the amount of time spent by users on Facebook multiplied by the time which they dedicated to watching the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Facebook (FB)

As per the statistics released by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) people watched the Ice Bucket Challenge videos at least 10 billion times whereas the network spread the word around to as many as 440 million users. Courtesy of this popularity, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is believed to have accrued revenue of $1.3 billion in USA alone. Considering that Facebook members living in North American regions spend at least 40 minutes on an average everyday on this social networking platform, it is difficult o judge the veracity of this claim.

What is more difficult to ascertain is to judge the number of minutes spent in watching the bucket of ice being dumped over someone’s head because if the video is in autoplay mode, it would automatically start running irrespective of whether anyone might be watching or not. On being questioned, this is a piece of information that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has refused to disclose but even if the video plays for five seconds, it would still translate into one-and-half millions.

Overall, it has turned out to be a good publicity stint by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) since attractive numbers like this can only attract more advertisers and YouTube users.

This article has been written by Vinita Basu.

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