Image Sensing Systems, Inc. (ISNS) Shares Climbed 108% Post Ferguson’s Shooting

Image Sensing Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:ISNS)’s shares soared as much as 108% since September 2 at $3.71 to $7.75 at the time of closing on September 3, 2014. The stocks soared after the shooting of an unarmed 18-year old black male by a white office in the Ferguson Police Department.

Image Sensing Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:ISNS) specializes in producing cameras and software for traffic management and the law enforcement agencies. The Ferguson shooting created several weeks of protest with as many as 147,000 people signing up a White House petition that would require police to wear body cameras while on the job.

Image Sensing Systems, Inc. (ISNS)

After three weeks of protests, police officers of the Ferguson Police Department have started wearing body cameras and getting used to them. Tom Jackson, Ferguson Police Chief, said,

“They are really enjoying them. They are trying to get used to using them.”

The whole event and protest has kept the investors interested in companies working in the security system and camera industry. Trade-Ideas LLC has identified Image Sensing Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:ISNS) to receive large trading volumes because of an average-dollar volume of $41.5 million. Further, the company traded 1.3 million shares during the pre-market hours on September 3. After the market openings, the investors exchanged 19.7 million shares until 11:47 am unlike the average volume of 766,100, although TheStreet Ratings team has given it a “Sell” rating.

Image Sensing Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:ISNS) produces computer-aided products for intelligent transportation systems and law enforcement agencies. It works in three primary segments including Highway, Intersection, and License Plate Recognition sectors. The company has a market cap of $33.24 million with 42% institutional ownership. Its shares trade at $7.75 with 52-week high of $9.94.

This article has been written by Prakash Pandey.



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