What are the best alternatives to NYC Taxi?

If you don’t feel like taking a traditional NYC taxi, then you need to know what are the best alternatives to NYC Taxi. There are other options like Uber, Juno, and Gett which can easily replace NYC taxis.

The taxis in NYC are notorious for being insanely overpriced. Which might be fun for tourist because it is not every day they get to see a famous New York taxi driver. But for people who live there and have to pay for it every day, it is a very difficult. Apart from trains, people are not relying more upon the apps that allow them to evaluate their drives before accepting the ride. The cherry on top is that these applications are doing it for a very affordable price. Furthermore, the cars that are sent are in fairly nice condition and the drivers are mostly clean and courteous.

One great replacement of traditional New York City cabs is Via. It has a standard fare of 5 dollars for a single ride. However, it is not a good idea to call for a Via car if you are in a hurry because drivers sometimes take a longer route. Another problem with this is that it is only available to people in Manhattan only from 6 am to midnight. For weekends the timings for Via are 10 am to midnight.

Gett is another option to go for if you sick and tired of New York City cabs. With their 3,000 cars around the city, they take 10 dollars for 30 minutes and/or 4 miles ride. The best thing about them is that these prices are fixed and there are no surge prices on Gett. Gett is an international company and they pay more to their drivers than Uber that is why they have the best drivers.

However, the best one there is Juno that is basically a fancier Uber. They take the best-rated drivers from Uber and make them take a test before they can join. Juno dispatches about 9000 vehicles every day and the rates offered by them are the same as Uber. There are no surge prices in Juno and they operate at all times. So technically Juno is the best option in rush hours because almost all other services have surge prices during that time.

If you need to know what else is available for you in New York City to replace traditional cab then check out Insider Monkey’s list of Uber, Lyft, Gett, Juno, via Best NYC Taxi Alternatives.

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