What are the best neighborhoods for families in New York?

New York is a great city to raise a family. So if you are thinking about moving to New York and wondering what are the best neighborhood for families in New York?

New York is not just big towers and pretty building. It provides a unique life experience that no other city can provide. The population is so diverse which gives a perfect environment for kids to grow it as it widens their horizons. It also has great cultural places in the shape of museums, libraries, and theaters. There is a new experience on every street corner. New York enriches the life of a child like no other city can. New York is expensive and a lot of time and energy has to be spent in order to find an affordable place that is also fit to raise children. But once you find that perfect little spot for your family, your life becomes amazing. New York is full of opportunities so finding a job is not always a problem. It is also equipped with all the latest facilities that make it a great place to live.

Harlem is a great place in New York for your family to grow. It is on 149th in the cost of living index and the average price for a home is $905,800. The crime rate in that area Is 1975 per 100,000 people. It used to be a black area back in the day but a great deal of effort has been put by people to make it a vibrant and great place to raise kids. It has great public transportation system due to its subway and Metro North station. There are a couple of good charter schools as well and the commute to them is fairly easy thanks to the transportation system in Harlem.

Another great area for families is Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It is number 152 in the cost of living index and the average price for a home in Williamsburg is $815,000. The cost of living in this area is generally low and it also has some great schools. That’s why it is great for families with kids. The homes are cheaper too as compared to surrounding areas so you can get a great place with amazing views at a very reasonable price.

The best, however, is Jackson height which is number 158 on the index for cost of living. The average price of a home is about 637,500 USD and the crime rate is as low as 1967 per 100k people. It has great and easy access to public transport and other facilities like high-speed internet. It is clearly the best option for families because of its affordable real estate. It has some of the best medical facilities this city can provide. In addition to that, the neighborhood is very friendly. This place has lots of good schools and job opportunities.

If you need to find out about more family friendly places in New York then check out Insider Monkey’s list of ‘11 Best New York Neighborhoods to Live in with Families and Kids


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