Which countries have kids smarter than America?

The list of countries where kids are smarter than Americans children is getting longer with time. Even though the country is very powerful, the answer to the question Which countries have kids smarter than America can be very surprising.

Some countries determine the strength and growth of their counters by looking at their military and nuclear powers, come prefer economy to measure their growth. Many experts agree that the best way to determine the growth of a certain country is to look at its literacy rate. To determine the countries with smartest kids, a test was organized by Program of International Student Assessment and results came out to be very interesting. The test focused on three major skills of students: Science, Reading, and Mathematics. It was surprising to find that a country with as many resources as the USA does not have the brightest kids.

Belgium is one of those countries which surpassed the USA in educational prowess. With an average score of 503, its students did best in math by scoring an average of 507. Even though the government is minimally invested in the education. The three communities living there, French, Flemish, and German, have taken responsibility for maintaining their own schools. Still, the education is not perfect but they are working to make it better.

Slovenia is above Belgium in the list of countries smarter than America with an average score of 509. They did best in the science test because the average for their science test was recorded to be 513. The federal government has made sure that uniforms and educations are easily accessible to its people.

The top of the list is occupied by Singapore with their average score of 552. They did best in Math with the average score of 564. This can be because of the great emphasis their government places on the education of its people. They spent over one-fifth of their annual budgets on Education and it seems to be paying off.

There are various other countries whose students have the capability of out smarting students of Unites Stated of America very easily and there are several reasons for that. Its majorly because their government is helping them out in getting education by providing them with better opportunities. If you are looking want to know what other countries are doing better  than Unites States of America in giving their students the best education then check out the list of 20 countries that have smarter kids than America on Insider Monkey.




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