Facebook Inc (FB)’s Group App Is Designed to Enhance Group Experience

Almost every one of the 700-million plus users of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s social networking platform must be a part of some group or the other but now that the company has released a new Group App, the experience of being a part of a group is likely to be much more rewarding. This is because, as per CNBC, this latest offering is quicker than its generic counterpart, definitely smarter and facilitates sharing of posts, pictures and links without activating newsfeed.

Basically, this product of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) performs all the functions that a traditional newsfeed of any group would perform. The only difference is the scale – instead of being a part of a large group comprising of diverse members, users can create a small group pertaining to a particular circle courtesy of this app. Therefore, the scale is much smaller in comparison but there is the surety of all posts strictly pertaining to the theme of the group and being protected by appropriate privacy settings put into place.

Facebook (FB)

All it takes is a simple tutorial for downloading this app on to your mobile device and enjoy its seamless and intuitive interface. Courtesy of having been launched by Creative Labs, it is characterized by a simple and user friendly layout and does not demand too much in the name of technical knowledge on part of the user. What makes it particularly endearing is that it is characterized by the atmosphere and feel which made Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s social platform famous in the first place.

With this app, Facebook intends to broaden its horizons while enabling users to post updates as per the group freely. To this effect, there are three privacy settings namely secret, closed and public available to the user wherein the choice can be made as per the degree of privacy desired. Unless it is a professional group, this app offers a functional and easy way to stay organized, meaning it is Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) like it was a decade back all over again.

This article has been written by Vinita Basu.

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