General Motors Company (GM) Joins The Net Neutrality Fight Citing Potential Issues Wirelessly Connected Cars Might Face

The U.S. Wireless Carriers have it all going for them in the Net Neutrality Movement considering that the nation’s largest automaker, General Motors Company (NYSE:GM), has allied with their side. The automaker appealed to the Federal Communications Commission citing the affect of new rules on its wirelessly connected cars.

General Motors favored the U.S. wireless carriers by writing a letter to the FCC citing that the new restrictions over mobile carriers might hinder the innovation in its wirelessly connected cars, as mentioned by Harry Lightsey III, executive director of Global Connected Consumer General Motors Company (NYSE:GM). He further asked the FCC to “retain the critical distinction” among the rules for mobile internet traffic and fixed lines.


Lightsey mentioned in the letter,

“From our point of view, mobile broadband being delivered to a car moving at 75 mph down a highway – or for that matter, stuck in a massive spontaneous traffic jam – is a fundamentally different phenomenon from a wired broadband connection to a consumer’s home, and merits continued consideration under distinct rules that take this into account.”

The net neutrality movement powers the idea of equal access to all the web content by the Internet Service Providers (ISPs). General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) is not the only mega-company to join the movement as other tech leaders including Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) are already urging the FCC to have similar anti-discrimination rules for wireline as well as wireless ISPs. At the same time, these companies are favoring the fact that current exceptions under “reasonable network management” suffice the flexibility concern for wireless providers.

However, the notion faced some opposition when Meredith Attwell baker, CTIA chief, said,

“Any regulations must be governed by flexible policies that are reflective of mobile’s extremely competitive market … and be designed for the unique challenges that our networks face, millisecond by millisecond.”

The only outcome is that Tom Wheeler, FCC Chairman, is rather trying to prepare a framework that allows wireless carriers to “reasonably manage” their sophisticated networks.

This article has been written by Prakash Pandey.

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