The Ultimate Software Group Seminar Reiterates Why Customers Are Choosing UltiPro

Last week Ultimate Software provided prospective customers the opportunity to view demonstrations of the product, learn more about Ultimate Software, and network with other companies facing similar HR and payroll challenges. The seminar was well attended, with roughly 25 attendees.

Most of the attendees we spoke with were looking to replace existing ADP or Ceridian systems. One of the prospects was currently running ADP Workforce Now and found it very difficult to use, with poor reporting functionality. In addition, the company had a very strong distaste for ADP’s customer service, and felt like the service bureau was constantly nickel-and-diming his organization. Another prospect was in the process of rolling out Workforce Now, but realized the product was not what the company needed, and the security company attended the seminar because it was considering switching to UltiPro.

We also spoke with an entrepreneur at a fast-growth restaurant chain who had extremely negative experiences with both ADP and Ceridian at prior employers, and he refused to do business with them. Being in the services industry, customer support was very important to him, and the service bureaus were constantly sending him to different support reps for different issues. In addition, the legacy ADP and Ceridian technologies he had experience with utilized separate databases for HR and payroll data, meaning data was housed in silos and there was no single source of truth.

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