16 Most Profitable Movies Based on Return on Investment

We think movies are driven by the box office gross they are able to yield, but no, it is profit that production studios strive for. The bigger the budget, the bigger the box office is expected to produce in order to reach the profit ratio that producers require.

In fact, the big names we know to be the most successful movies are actually not very profitable. Return on investment counts for a lot. This list of the 16 most profitable movies based on return on investment includes names I never would have thought were successful flicks. I mean absolute disasters like God’s Not Dead and The Devil Inside are some of the most profitable motion pictures when seen as a percentage of profit to budget! Then again, classics like It’s a Wonderful Life and Beauty and the Beast are also included. I won’t give away too much though. You will have to give the list a quick read to see what shocks it has in store!

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