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16 Best Karaoke Songs for Bad Singers

Are you heading to a party and thinking of a good idea to cheer the mass out? Are you a shy individual with no music talent at all? Are you a bad singer who likes to show off and have fun? If so, you might be looking for some good karaoke advices for bad singers

18 Companies That Accept Cryptocurrencies for Payment in 2018

What if we told you it’s perfectly legitimate now to buy a whole building with crytocurrencies? Now that we have your attention, let’s talk more about Insider Monkey’s 18 companies that accept cryptocurrencies for payment in 2018. Let’s face it, even your grandma has heard of bitcoin, and your old neighbors are discussing investing into

11 Most Difficult Mountains to Climb in US

Hm, so you think you’ve got what it takes to climb one of 11 most difficult mountains to climb in US? Maybe you’ll have to think again after reading Insider Monkey’s article. Because some of them are a real death trap! What else would you call a mountain where 400 people ended their lives? Unless

11 Least Polluted Countries in the World in 2018

Being aware of the rising pollution should make each and every individual take more care about the environment and their own impact on this issue. But some of the worst pollutants in the world are the industries and factories which release huge amounts of toxic and dangerous substances into the environment. First thing that comes