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Top 8 Global Acquisitions

Top 8 Global Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are part of the business dealings. Whenever one organization considers its failure to compete in the market, that organization either decides to merge with another company or acquire another organization to establish its dominance in the industry. Business analysts are of the view about mergers and acquisitions that they are good for

Top 10 Technology Billionaires

Only Developed Economies in the world are not the ones with raising young tech billionaires. Various developing countries such as Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa are also having many and wealthy individuals. There are many popular names in this list from India including Flipkart’s founder Binny Bansal; founder of ride-sharing company Ola

Best Quantum Computing Stocks For Investors

In Quantum computing, the quantum mechanics laws are applied for the purpose of processing information. This particular technology is not visible in routine process and due to this, it is becoming complicated for non-scientist to fully acknowledge and understand it. This is also making it difficult to determine the best quantum computing stocks for investors

Top 10 Best Global Quant Funds

Top 10 Best Global Quant Funds

Quant Funds stand for Quantitative Funds and these funds are evaluated through strategy softwares instead of human participation. During 2020, the funds which sustained the emerging trends in the stock market due to the pandemic outbreak were those which have not been picked through the strategy softwares. These funds were selected through human intelligence, based

Best Blue-Chip Dividend Stocks to Buy in 2021

For complete one year, we faced irreparable loss due to the coronavirus pandemic. It created a wave of uncertainty around the globe. We wasted a full 1 year to this pandemic, which caused irreparable damage to the global economies. It will take a few years to bring all the things to pre-coronavirus level. Analysts claim