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16 Most Scenic Drives in the World

  If you enjoy the smell of petrol in the morning and your idea of fun is spending hours with your head stuck under a hood, this is a must-read. Of course, it would be far better to actually drive on these amazing roads, but reading about them is an important first step. All of

10 easiest engineering degrees to get a job

Engineering schools have always been regarded as some of the hardest to finish. But are there any shortcuts to engineering degree? Insider Monkey claims there are and that it all depends on which field of engineering you choose. Apparently, not all engineering majors are created equal and some are easier than others. For the detailed

20 Dumbest States in America By SAT Scores

Can SAT scores really assess someone’s ability to attend college or is it just glorified IQ test, with a strong cultural bias? SAT critics have been vehement that the test doesn’t serve the purpose it proclaims and that it strongly favors kids from middle and upper class while putting the poorer kids in disadvantage. It

100 best personal finance, investing, and investment advice blogs for beginners

If you are looking for some sound financial advice about investing or personal finance, we have a great article on Insider Monkey.   If you are starting to plan your retirement, these will be of invaluable help in making sure your retirement fund is flush with cash by the time you decide to use it. We

15 Advantages and Disadvantages of Genetically Modified Organisms

Is genetically modified food really that bad for us? Why are people so afraid of it? Learn more about it on Insider Monkey. These 15 advantages and disadvantages of genetically modified organisms remain a highly controversial topic, despite all the research that has been conducted on the subject. The debate on genetically modified organisms often resembles the one