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17 Cities with the Highest Suicide Rate Per Capita in 2018

So, which are the highest suicidal cities in the world per capita? Suicide is a serious matter, having around 800,000 suicides occurring annually throughout the globe. Some countries, like Eastern European countries for example are showing higher suicide rate than the others. And the reasons for that are different. For example alcoholism (which is the

13 Best Karaoke Duets For Male-Female Singers

Singing is always more fun in crowd. If you are going to, or preparing a karaoke party, it is good to have in mind which songs would be the best choices. Not only for your voice and your singing abilities, but for making great atmosphere and for cheering the crowd. But still, surely many people

10 Best Whiskey Countries in the World

  Whiskey, the water of life as the name originally says. The name comes from Scotland, yes, and the drink as well. But many people during a long time in history have made alcohol similar or equal to whiskey, so it is not purely Scottish Celtic invention.  Nowadays there are so many different types of

10 Cheapest Places to Buy Cigarettes in the World

Nowadays governments and health institutions are trying to minimize the use of tobacco and cigarettes (together with alcohol and other harmful substances in general) by banning advertising, putting huge health awareness stickers on cigarette packs, raising the taxes which raises the price altogether , banning smoking on public places etc… But tobacco was being used

15 Countries with the Best Weather All Year Round

Where are the weather conditions best for living? Sometimes weather conditions and wealth of country would not coincide well. That can be seen on example of Netherlands or Belgium for example, wealthy rich countries which have depressive, humid and rainy weather. And on the other side we have some poor countries that have perfect weather

15 Cities With Best Climate in Europe to Live

What is the best climate Europe has to offer? Well, there is a huge variety of climate types throughout the Europe, and everyone will find something that suits them the most there. Concerning European cities, probably there are pros and cons you can find in each and every one. Also, different climate types suit different

15 Most educated Countries in Europe in 2018

European countries stand for one of the most educated countries in general. That is not surprising, especially looking at the western European countries which are among the wealthiest in the world. Much economic power and wealth brings lot of investment in education. But it seems that education, and the high one as well has always

8 Most Educated Countries in Central and South America

South and Central American countries are struggling with the economic issues and with it also come the issues with education. But of course, some countries are better on this than others. Many of Central and South American countries are considered as developing countries now which means that investment in education is also on the rise.