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What are the best classic poems for children to memorize?

Poems are an integral part of children’s lives. Children have evolved with the evolution of technology. Today’s generation spends more time looking a tablet or a mobile screen than the previous generations. Kids today know how to operate a mobile, better than us. My 2-and-a-half-year-old niece doesn’t even sleep till she is done watching her

What are the best art documentaries on Amazon?

Art is not just a skill; it is a form of expression. Art can express emotions like happiness, sadness, excitement through photography, painting, songs. Art like science is also a controversial subject, as there are many forms of art which are considered un ethical like graffiti. Graffiti is street art is mostly frowned upon by

What languages are isolated or extinct?

Ever since the start, Humans have always found a way to communicate and express their thought. Every nation has a different language and all the languages of today have all evolved from past languages which are now either extinct or are spoken in only a small community. If you are curious about different languages, we

What are the best Esty shops for Nurses and Nursing students?

Being a nurse full time can be tiring and wearing the same uniform that everybody else wears, one can feel they have lost their individuality. Nurses are entitled to take care of patients but they should also take care of themselves and have a little fun. Customizing your uniform not only provides you with a

What are the best documentaries on YouTube?

When the word” nature” is used, breathtaking landscapes, fascinating creatures, dangerous adventures comes to mind. Unfortunately, not everybody has both the energy and money to discover the beauty of the world. In this case, documentaries come to our rescue.If you like nature documentaries we can tell you what are the best documentaries on YouTube. Making

Which ones are the biggest churches in New York?

People from all around the globe are heading out to New York City consistently to see the majority of the astonishing landmarks, including churches. That is the reason we chose to make a list of biggest places of worship in New York City and demonstrate to you which you ought to visit–if size is your

What are the best Space documentaries on Hulu?

A standout amongst the most exciting recent breakthroughs related to space is NASA’s revelation of Earth-sized planets that are orbiting around the small star named TRAPPIST-1. This nearby solar system is 39 light years from Earth. The greatest news is that some of these planets may have conditions that could support life. With this revelation,

What are the best UFO documentaries on YouTube?

UFO stands for an unidentified flying object. The term flew up in 1953, with the US Air Force using it to depict all reports. The vast majority of those reports of UFOs end up being air crafts, balloons, clouds, or astronomical objects. Around 5% to 20% of those revealed sightings are as yet unexplained, however,