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15 Best Paying Jobs for Doctors in the US in 2017

Are you looking to choose a medical specialization that will reap the best monetary rewards for all your hard work? Well I would recommend you to do a bit of research before you make a rash decision. The best starting point for that research would be this article by Insider Monkey: 15 best paying jobs for

15 Most Respected Jobs in America in 2017

Are you wondering what values and virtues the United States as a nation has the most respect for in the year 2017? Well look no further than this article on the 15 most respected jobs in American in 2017 by Insider Monkey, which certainly answered all my questions. You might be asking yourself why I was

12 States With the Highest Percentage of African American Population

13.3% of the American population happens to be Black, but these 43 million people are still not getting the rights they deserve. The thing that is most worrying for me is this: people refuse to acknowledge that African Americans, or other minorities for that matter, are facing difficulties living in this great nation. Sure, slavery

13 Most Water Polluted Countries with the Worst Pollution in the World

You thought you knew how bad water pollution can get? Trust me, you don’t. The filth that the most polluted rivers in the world have collected over the years is unimaginable until you see it. With garbage floating on the surface and sewage being dumped into the water on a daily basis, the fresh water

30 Countries With the Highest Suicide Rates in the World

Traumatic experiences sometimes drive people to commit suicide while sometimes it’s the result of a terminal illness, but the biggest, most significant cause of suicide is neither of those, it’s mental illness. USA is almost top of the list as far as depression rates are concerned, yet innumerable patients remain untreated. However, that is nothing

15 Countries with Most Plastic Surgery Per Capita

Yes, USA is the country with the highest number of plastic surgeries occurring within it but is it the top of the list when it comes to per capita surgeries? The surprising answer is: no, no it isn’t. Dividing the number of surgeries over the population of a nation gives you the true measure of

16 Most Profitable Movies Based on Return on Investment

We think movies are driven by the box office gross they are able to yield, but no, it is profit that production studios strive for. The bigger the budget, the bigger the box office is expected to produce in order to reach the profit ratio that producers require. In fact, the big names we know

10 Cheapest Countries in Europe to Buy a House

Want to move to a beautiful country with your family? Or perhaps want a quiet place to retire? Well, Europe is the perfect place to do just that, but you may be looking into your bank accounts wondering whether your pocket will be able to endure such a hefty expense. Let me tell you this: all European

15 Best Apple and Pumpkin Picking Farms Near New York City or New Jersey

I don’t know about you but pumpkin picking is one of my favorite things to do before Halloween. And I don’t mind the fresh, sweet apples that come with this season either. It’s one of the reasons I love this unorthodox festival. Maybe unorthodox isn’t the right word for it but dressing up as something